About us

My wife Sarah and our son Harrison


My name is Dr Andrew Little, I'm an Anaesthetic Doctor living on the Gold Coast. Like most people, I was once an avid carnivore, and I specifically remember saying to one of my friends years ago that I could never date a vegan because I liked meat too much. Well not only did I start dating one…… I married one, became one, and we are now raising a child who is thriving on a plant-based diet. After researching the benefits to human health, animal welfare, and the environment, I was left with no other rational choice. As the saying goes, "do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better." 

Now I never knew what true compassion was until I met my wife Sarah. Her compassion not only extends to those closest to her, but to all living creatures on this planet and she is constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and make this world a better place. After moving in together, I noticed multiple products arriving at our door that were marketed to make a difference in the world – brands such as “ThankYou” soaps and “Who Gives a Crap” toilet paper, both of which donate a percentage of their profits to humanitarian causes. I loved this concept of being able to purchase everyday items and donate to worthwhile causes at the same time.

With my practice in medicine and my personal exposure to the vegan community, I noticed two commonalities; the need for a Vitamin B12 supplement, and the desire to reduce animal suffering. This sparked the idea of BeHumane and we set off to develop a plant-based, organic and vegan nutritional booster with a percentage of our profits being donated to animal welfare projects.

To learn more about how we distribute profits, and how your decision to purchase our product is making a positive difference click on Your Impact at the top of the page.