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Shipping and billing FAQ's

Do you ship internationally?

Do you offer free shipping?

My order was damaged during delivery, what should I do?

What is your return policy?

I have received my shipping notification but I still have not received my order?

When will I receive my order?

Product FAQ's

Why choose Behumane supplements

Is this product suitable for children?

Why should I take this supplement?

Can I take this product if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Where do you source your ingredients?

Do I need to take your product daily?

What kind of testing is performed on your supplement?

Is your supplement vegan friendly?

Is your supplement considered organic?

What is the bottle made of?

How and where should I store my vitamin?

Should I take this supplement even though I do not follow a plant based diet?

Vitamin B12 FAQ's

Why do I need 100mcg of B12 daily when the Recommeded Daily Intake is only 2.4mcg?

Is it better to take sublingual or oral B12 supplements?

Is Cyanide in Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)?

Do you need to be careful about the type of B12 you are consuming?

How many Australians are deficient in vitamin B12?

Do I need a B12 supplement even though my B12 levels have been fine for over 2 years now?

Do you need to eat meat to get your vitamin B12 requirements?

Vitamin D FAQ's

What is the recommended daily intake of vitamin D?

Why do I need a vitamin D supplement?

Is vitamin D2 equal to vitamin D3?

Where does the Vitamin D3 in this supplement come from?

Omega-3 FAQ's

What is the recommended daily intake of Omega-3's?

Why does your supplement contain whole flaxseed and flaxseed meal?

Do I have to put this formula into a blender to get my daily intake of Omega-3's?

Can you get sufficient omega-3's on a plant-based diet, particularly DHA and EPA? And do I need a DHA/EPA supplement?

Should I supplement DHA and EPA if I am pregnant or breastfeeding?

Iodine FAQ's

What is the recommended daily intake of Iodine?

Why does your supplement only contain 100mcg of Iodine?

What sort of Kelp does your product use?

Can I overdose on Iodine with this supplement?

Is Kelp safe to consume?

Where do I get iodine from on a plant based diet?

Calcium FAQ's

What is the recommended daily intake of calcium?

Do you need to consume dairy to get your calcium requirements?

Iron FAQ's

What is the recommended daily intake for iron?

What do we need Iron for?

What is the difference between haem iron and non-haem iron?

Can I get enough iron from a plant based diet?

Plant Based Diet Myths

Can you survive on a plant based diet?

Does the brain need protein in order to function?

Did we need meat to evolve as a species?

Was it the fact that we ate meat that led to the evolution of the human brain?

Where do you get your protein from on a plant based diet?

Can you get all the protein you need from a plant based diet?

Are we designed to eat meat?

How can a plant-based diet help the world?